What is collagen and what does it do in your body?

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You can call collagen a plentiful protein that plays a wide range of important roles in your body. In addition to becoming an important ingredient in various shampoos and body lotions,  collagen is also used in a variety of nutritional supplements these days. If you are among those who are wondering what collagen is all about and what does it do in your body, then you have come to the right place. Let's take a look at some important details.

What is collagen?


The most abundant protein, collagen works as a building block for bones, skin, muscles, and ligaments. This protein can also be found in some other parts of your body including blood vessels, teeth, and corneas.

What does collagen do?

Let's make it easy to understand. As mentioned earlier, collagen is present in various parts of your body, its key role is to provide structure and support. Your body starts to produce lesser and lower quality collagen as you age.

Which nutrients increase collagen production?

Glycine and proline are the two amino acids that your body combines to make procollagen. If you want to help your body to provide this important protein, then you need to enrich your diet with these important nutrients-

  • Vitamin C- We're all aware of the great sources, citrus fruits, strawberries, and bell peppers are among them.

Vitamin C

  • Copper- Organ meats are a great source, cocoa powder, cashews, sesame seeds also join the list.
  • Glycine- Found in various protein-rich foods, chicken skin, and pork skin are also among them.
  • Proline- If you are among those who love dairy products as well as egg white and wheat germ, then you're getting the right amount of proline.

Your body needs high-quality protein that is enriched with amino acids, this helps in the production of new protein. Dairy foods, meat, tofu, and seafood are some of the great sources of amino acids.

What damages collagen?

  • Eating too much sugar reduces the ability of collagen to repair itself. Take a lesser amount of added sugar and refined carbs in your diet and it will surely prove to be helpful.
  • If you are among those who love to spend too much time on the beach, in the sun, you need to realize that ultraviolet radiation is reducing collagen production.
  • It is no secret that smoking affects various aspects of your health, and it also reduces collagen production.

All you need is to avoid certain behaviors with the help of which you can allow your body to preserve and protect collagen.

Chicken and pork skin are loaded with collagen, also the bone broth made by boiling the bones of chicken is also a great source.

In general, gelatin is cooked collagen, and it has a great amount of amino acids. When you consume protein, it breaks down amino acids, and then it gets reassembled.

Important note: The market is flooded by a wide range of collagen-based supplements and other products, make sure that you are buying from a reliable source and also check for any possible side effects if you have any pre-existing medical condition.

The bottom line

When it comes to your overall health and fitness, choosing natural products makes absolute sense. For instance, if you want to improve your skin health, you can choose natural qasil powder, also known as Somali women's beauty secret, it works wonders for hair and skin health.


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