Some important vitamins that can help in hair growth

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Some important vitamins that can help in hair growth

A lot of people consider healthy-looking hair as the single sign of health and beauty, but that's not true. Achieving healthy hair is one of the most challenging tasks for men and women, and this challenge can only be met by a proper hair care routine, and more the choice of the right products for hair care. And, if you are among those who feel that's all you need for healthy hair, you need to think again.

The reason being, your diet also plays a crucial role in making your hair healthy, the right vitamins and nutrients help to add life to your hair while keeping them healthy. If you are wondering which vitamins are important to make your hair healthy, then you have come to the right place.

We have got you covered with a list of some important vitamins that will help you in achieving beautiful, healthy, and softer hair.

Vitamins that help to keep your hair healthy

Check out this list.

Vitamin A

When it comes to hair growth, vitamin A tops the list due to its amazing properties. This amazing vitamin helps your body in the production of an oily substance called sebum which plays a crucial role in moisturizing the hair.

When you wake up in the morning and comb your hair, you may find that you are facing hair damage, your comb is filled with hair. The deficiency of vitamin A can be a key reason behind this, and hence, you need to ensure that your diet is enriched with vitamin A.

Now, you must be wondering what are the sources of vitamin A. Well, carrots and pumpkins to sweet potatoes and spinach, all these are amazing sources of vitamin A. You can also choose to go with milk, yogurt and eggs, they are also loaded with vitamin A.

B vitamins

Vitamin B

Your scalp also needs oxygen and proper blood flow to help healthy hair, vitamin B helps in creating red blood cells and it also helps in carrying oxygen and essential nutrients to the scalp.

Recognized as one of the finest vitamins to improve hair growth and hair health, vitamin B- biotin is also used as an alternative hair loss treatment.

What foods fulfill your body's need for vitamin B?

Meat, seafood, almonds, dark leafy greens, whole grains, simply include them in your diet and it will get the job done.

Pro tip- Choose natural products

What do you do when you face hair problems? Many people rush to the nearest store, choose a costly product that promises to resolve the problem. But, it is a mere fact that some of these products are loaded with harmful chemicals, and can cause damage to hair. 

Qasil powder

Choosing plant-based remedies and natural products such as qasil powder makes a lot of sense. Also regarded as Somali women's beauty secret, qasil powder is one of a kind solution for a wide range of hair and skin problems.

Enriched with some of the finest vitamins and minerals, derived from the leaves of Gob tree, qasil powder resolves a wide range of hair problems such as fair fall, damaged hair, dandruff problems, dry hair, and many others. 

What's the best thing about qasil powder? Purity is what makes qasil powder a no-brainer decision for hair care. In addition, you can prepare various types of natural hair masks, and shampoo using qasil powder- right in your kitchen. 

We have got you covered with some DIY recipes... Check them out here- Some DIY hair masks that resolve various hair problems.

The bottom line

So, now when you're aware of which vitamins do you need for proper hair care, make sure that you include foods enriched with these vitamins in your diet. 

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