Some important tips to detox your scalp using qasil powder

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Some important tips to detox your scalp using qasil powder

Can you imagine the quality of your hair when you have an unhealthy scalp? Yes, when your scalp is unhealthy, it will grow dull, thin, and weak hair that will fall out easily. No day will be a good hair day, and it will further lead to frustration and lack of confidence. 

After all, a good hair day is what keeps you happy and confident. To make this possible, it is important to take great care of your scalp, and this is where scalp detox comes in handy. 

What is scalp detox? 

Just like skin exfoliation, scalp detox is a solution embraced by many hair care experts which involves applying the right products to the scalp with the goal to draw out impurities and restore scalp health. 

Scalp detox helps to get rid of suffocating buildup, it hydrates and nourishes the scalp while stimulating hair follicles, and this, in turn, helps in reducing hair fall and promoting hair growth. 

Ultimately, scalp detox is a way to show your hair and scalp some love! And, once done right, the results of detoxifying your scalp are truly amazing. 

A healthy scalp is the foundation of healthy hair! So, let's do something your scalp and curls will thank you for. 

Why does your scalp need detoxification? 

Scalp build-up can occur when sweat, oil and hair products accumulate on the scalp and lead to flakes and itchiness. Conventional hair products contain toxins and low-quality ingredients that can lead to a wax-like texture building up on the scalp which can overtime cause hair loss, irritation and damage. A scalp detox is the best way to ensure your scalp is looked after and to create the right condition to help your hair to grow. 

Detox your scalp using qasil powder 

Qasil powder is an ancient secret from women in Somalia that have used this powder to cleanse themselves from dust and grime from the winds in the desert. Due to its cleansing properties, it's also an amazing remedy to cleanse the scalp. Qasil contains a cleansing agent called soapins, so when it’s in contact with water it forms a natural soapy lather. 

This is a powerful cleansing powder that will deeply cleanse the scalp, removing any dirt and excess oil, and improving the overall condition of the hair. Qasil is safe for coloured hair. It's amazing to calm and clarify dry scalp. It removes product buildup, while moisturising and conditioning the hair. In fact, qasil can help to boost shine as it is loaded with amazing vitamins and nutrients that will improve the overall health of the hair. 

Qasil contains anti-bacterial properties and is a gentle exfoliant that can help get rid of dandruff. It will deeply cleanse the scalp without stripping its from its natural oils. It will help get rid of dandruff, product build up and has the ability to boost hair growth.

Benefits of Qasil Powder for the Hair

  • Naturally cleanses the scalp
  • Encourages hair growth
  • Helps to stimulate blood flow to the scalp
  • Strengths the hair from the roots and reduces breakage
  • Adds shine and volume
  • Helps remove dandruff 
  • Helps to repair hair damage

 DIY Qasil remedies - Hair Mask, Shampoo, Hair Rinse 

These Qasil DIY remedies will help to clear away styling products, dead skin cells, dandruff and bacteria. 

For your Qasil hair mask, shampoo and hair rinse you only need two ingredients:

  • Qasil Powder
  • Water 

The bottom line 

So, if you want to detox your scalp the right way, then nothing can be better than using qasil powder. Shop from a reliable source and enjoy the amazing benefits.

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