Hair care tips that actually work

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Neem hair powder

Regardless of your hair type, whether you have thin, curly, or oily hair, your hair deserves the utmost care and attention. A lot of women struggle to decide the right hair care routine, and it can become frustrating if the right solution is not found. But, with hopes to achieve healthy, shiny, and bouncy hair, women try some of the most expensive products, not all of them guarantee to provide the best results. And, the disappointment and frustration take place yet again. 

Let's say goodbye to all these useless hair care options and talk about something that actually works! 

Hair care tips that work wonders 

Check out these tips and you are sure to find your best routine. 

Never ignore the power of coconut oil

qasil powder

Used for centuries due to some obvious reasons, coconut oil has been a key part of hair care- not only it is easily available and affordable but also a highly effective oil. In addition to promoting hair growth and reducing hair fall, coconut oil has natural properties that help your hair retain protein. It's grandma's secret, so why shouldn't you go for that. Massaging your scalp with the tip of your fingers using coconut oil at least twice a week is the best care for your lovely hair. 

Don't avoid conditioning 

What do you eat to maintain your overall health? A healthy diet and some workouts? Well, your hair also need a good diet, and that's in the form of conditioners. You can apply the right conditioner on the tip of your hair after you shampoo, this will help to avoid frizz and tangles. 

It is advisable to choose the one that is natural and has some key ingredients such as aloe vera and jojoba, they are very effective ingredients for hair. 

Say Hello to natural hair care products 

qasil powder

As mentioned earlier, your desire to achieve healthy and beautiful hair can make you buy all those costly (and sometimes harmful) shampoos, conditioners, and oils that have chemicals. It can cause harm to your hair in the long run. This is the reason why people's interest is inclining towards natural and organic products such as qasil powder, Somali women's beauty secret, and neem hair powder, and the list goes on. 


Oil is important 

Also suggested by Ayurveda as well as hair care experts, oiling your hair is a known way to provide your hair with all the nourishment and hydration. If you leave your hair without oil for long, they are more likely to become dry and dull, and this, in turn, is sure to lead to hair breakage. You don't really want that to happen to your hair and hence, today, you have made up your mind to oil your hair regularly. 

Pro tip- Keep stress at bay! 

One of the most common issues faced by people, and also the common reason behind hair fall (and other health issues) stress, and depression are negative feelings that adversely affect your hair. What can you do about it? Indulging in some regular exercises and eating healthy can prove to be helpful. 

A few things that you need to avoid

  • Do not condition your scalp. 
  • Avoid tighter hairstyles that can cause hair breakage. 
  • Avoid too hot water on your scalp, it can steal natural moisture. 
  • Keep heat styling tools away. 
  • Don't brush wet hair. 
  • Don't use chemical products. 
The bottom line

Hope these tips help you decide your hair care routine, don't forget to share them with your near and dear ones! 

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