Finally, I'm able to tell you my skincare story!

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Finally, I'm able to tell you my skincare story!

People have their own skincare stories, but mine is completely full of mess and ups and downs. This has been great learning by trial and error.

If all this time has taught me something, it's that patience is the key and choosing the right product for your skincare routine is more important than I used to think. As a teen, my desire for clean and clear skin is obvious, and just like other women, I rush to the store when I see pimples on my face and look for the product that can resolve the issue in no time.

Yes, with no knowledge, I used to get attracted by packaging and advertising, believing this is the best product for me and I'll soon retain my beautiful skin.

My table soon became a cosmetic store with all those face washes, oils, creams, and moisturizers that made a promise to resolve all my skincare issues, some of them worked temporarily but never did my beautiful skin last for a long time.

And, I realized that I'm making a common mistake of believing that costly and creatively advertised products are all that you need for celeb-like skin.

I was wrong!

At some point, I had accepted the fact that these spots and pimples are a burden that I need to bear through my teens, for a long time I continued believing this and kept on going with my routine, waiting for the magic to happen.

The magic happened!

I'm happy to blame my teenage for not being able to live life with skin problems, the thirst to find out the right solution became more intense and I started exploring the world of beauty blogging, and videos over the internet to know exactly what my skin is asking for.

I explored and figured out that the market is flooded by skin and hair care products that are loaded with chemicals, I was so unhappy with my decision of buying products due to attractive packaging.

Actually, I was feeling so frustrated why did I spend a lot of my hard-earned money buying these useless products.

My search took me to a video that that said that this face mask will change your life.

Qasil powder

I didn't really know what is it going to be about, but I just hit a click out of curiosity as all I wanted to is to change my life, add life to my skin.

It was qasil powder, a girl almost my age, was mixing qasil powder in a bowl with some water, explaining really well how this face mask helps the skin to exfoliate and become softer.

By the end of the video, I could literally see some difference on her skin, it was glowing, it was looking healthier. And, as it was a live video, I had no reason to believe this could be fake or something that I shouldn't believe in.

I made a purchase my skin is thankful for!

I explored more about qasil powder and came to know it's completely natural, it's one of the best plant-based remedies that come from some Gob tree, and this is the Somali women's beauty secret.

The product came home and it looked really great. I did exactly how I saw the girl using this powder in the video and trust me, I never felt my skin so soft before, right after my first use, I could feel that my skin has absorbed something great today, It's more nourished, soft and glowing, I just loved it from the very first use.

I checked more ways and DIY recipes kept on using this powder for a few weeks as an important part of my skincare routine.

In addition to resolving all my skin problems, qasil powder helped me retain the confidence that I needed.

Thank you so much... qasil powder!

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