DIY qasil hair mask to treat split ends

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DIY qasil hair mask to treat split ends

Welcome to another section of natural hair care tips. Today, we are going to cover the topic that is one of the most common hair problems for women- split ends.

Split ends and their causes

Natural Qasil Powder

When your hair starts to grow from the root, the ends of your hair are the oldest part- many years old.

Have you ever imagined all the things that these ends have gone through?

From all those hair washes and styles to straightening, cold, windy, and dry weathers to all those hats and scarves, all these daily wear and tear on your hair degrade the hair cuticle. And this, in turn, causes split ends. Split ends can be identified easily, it can be ends split in two, and most women choose to trim. This hair problem doesn't need to be taken very seriously as it's a part of the lifecycle of your hair, it is possible to treat them with ease.

Getting rid of split ends using qasil hair mask

Well, when it comes to hair care and showing your hair some love, going natural is something your hair will thank you for. And, when we talk about going natural, it means natural qasil powder hair mask!

How to prepare qasil hair mask for split ends

So, before heading to the benefits of qasil powder hair mask, first, let's know the DIY recipe.

Check out what are the ingredients that you need to prepare this amazing hair mask.

Natural Qasil Powder

  •         Qasil powder
  •         Yogurt
  •         Egg yolk
  •         Milk
  •         Qasil powder as a key ingredient of this hair mask works as a natural conditioner and helps your hair to retain moisture while adding strength to your hair.
  •         Yogurt is one of the finest ingredients loaded with plenty of nutrients including but not limited to Riboflavin and Niacin, this protects weak and lifeless strands.
  •         Egg yolk is great for dry and damaged hair, the natural vitamins present in egg yolk helps to make your hair more resistant to damage, and also provide your hair with the required hydration and moisture.
  •         Milk helps to calm frizz and adds long-lasting moisture to your hair.

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How to prepare?

  •         Take some qasil powder in a bowl, 1 to 2 tablespoons.
  •         Add egg yolk, one egg should do.
  •         Add 2 tablespoons of yogurt.
  •         Now, add milk with the goal to create a paste, you can increase the quantity of milk (or qasil powder) to make your paste consistent.
  •         Apply on your hair gently from the roots to the ends.
  •         You can increase the quantity if you have long hair.
  •         Keep applied for 15 to 20 minutes.
  •         Rinse with water.

And, you will find that magic is all done, once you incorporate this DIY qasil hair mask into your hair care routine, then you will find that your hair looks and feels so amazing, all those split ends will be gone.

What are the other benefits?

  •         Qasil powder hair mask is a blend of some of the finest ingredients and this prevents hair and scalp from becoming dry.
  •         Qasil hair mask works as an exfoliator that helps to keep your scalp skin healthy.
  •         Egg, yogurt, and milk, all these other ingredients of your DIY recipe help to provide your hair with the required hydration and nourishment.
  •         DIY qasil hair mask is the best natural hair care that improves the overall health of your hair.

The bottom line

Qasil hair mask provides an abundance of benefits to your hair, it is advisable to shop qasil powder from a reliable source so that you are assured that you are getting the best. So, don't wait and get completely natural qasil powder and make your hair feel loved. 

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