Can Teenagers Use Qasil Powder? Avoid These 5 Commonly Made Mistakes

Can Teenagers Use Qasil Powder? Avoid These 5 Commonly Made Mistakes

Qasil powder can be used by everyone, including teenagers. Qasil powder is 100% natural, and works for all skin types, and all ages. 

What is qasil powder?

Qasil powder is an incredible beauty ingredient that comes from the leaves of the Gob Tree. The leaves are crushed into a fine powder. Our products is 100% natural and pure qasil powder. 

What are the benefits?

Qasil powder is an essential beauty ingredient that everyone should have in their beauty cupboards. It's loaded with amazing nutrients for the hair, skin and body. 

Will qasil treat acne?

Qasil powder works amazing as an acne treatment. Before explaining how qasil powder can help with acne and breakouts, its important to understand why that might occur. Acne is caused by oil and dirt blocking your skin follicles, when this happens you're clogged pores becomes infected with bacteria and inflammation occurs. The main factors that may cause acne is; oil production, dead skin cells, clogged pores and bacteria. 

Factors like diet, stress and hormones may worsen the acne. 

How does qasil powder treat acne?

Qasil powder essentially works like a clay mask. It acts like a magnet to draw out any impurities from the skin. The name qasil, actually translates into "cleanliness", as it gentle cleanser.


  • Due to its antibacterial properties, Qasil has the ability to get deep down your pores and clean them of any impurities 
  • Qasil has been used as a healing treatment for many years, and it can help pull out the toxins clogging the pores. 
  • Qasil also helps to exfoliate dead skin and remove excess oil from the skin. 
  • Overall Qasil is excellent for detoxifying and cleaning the skin, unblocking pores and leaving skin soft and smooth. 

You can use in 3 ways to fight acne and dark spots. 

  •  cleanser – both morning and night to deeply cleanse the skin and remove oil, built up dirt and unclogs the pores. By using it as a cleanser, it also doubles as an exfoliant to buff away the top layer of the skin for a smooth and even skin tone. 
  • Face mask – mix with water and leave to dry for 5-10 minuets. A qasil mask acts like magnet to pull impurities and toxins from the skin. Use it 3-4 times a week.   
  • Spot treatment – mix with water to create a small mixture and leave to dry in the areas you are experiencing acne.  

All 3 method works just as effective, however, if you have more of a sensitive skin its best to use it as a face cleanser. I would also find a super hydrating moisturiser to pair it with the qasil powder  


Qasil powder is 100% for everyone to use, however, its important to keep in mind these 5 commonly made mistakes that people make:


1. Do a test patch - It's important to test patching any beauty products before applying it all over the face (you want to ensure any new products you introduce will be compatible with your skin), that also includes qasil powder. You can do a small test on your neck or arms, you do this by making a paste of the qasil powder and leaving it to dry. You then rinse it out and don't apply anything on top of it for an hour to see how your skin reacts to the product.  

2. Pair it with a moisturiser - Whether you use the qasil powder as facemask, cleanser or spot treatment, you need to apply a moisturiser right after. It might sound obvious, many people don't. Qasil powder is a deep cleanser, so you need to ensure you replenish your skin right after, leaving your skin nourished. 

3. Understand your skin type and skincare needs - It's also important to understand your skincare needs. Continuing from the point above, you need to use the right moisturiser for your skin type if you plan on using qasil powder as your daily cleanser. If you have more dry skin, we recommend that you include a rich moisturiser in your skincare routine. If you have more oily skin, we recommend to find a water based moisturiser for the day and a rich moisturiser in the evening to help balance your skin after using qasil powder. 

4. Don't overuse it - Similar to the point, having a good understanding of what you're skin needs, will help ensure you use qasil powder effectively for your skincare needs. For example, you might decide to only cleanse your skin in the evening and skip your morning cleanser and only use water to cleanse the skin in the morning. This might sound nasty, but those natural oils that your skin has produced overnight helps to give your skin a moisture boost, and those good oils give your skin a protective layer against dryness. 

5. Trial and error - To prevent you from overusing and having an understanding of your skin, you might need time to trial the product (that's exactly what we recommend you do to find the perfect routine for you). Qasil powder work in many ways, and its super gentle it won't cause any harm to your. Its fun to work with, and due to its multipurpose abilities, you have the freedom to use it once a day, few times a week, bi-weekly or once a month - whatever your skin needs. If you have frequent breakouts or acne in certain parts of your skin, you can even opt to use it as a spot treatment, rather than a cleanser or facemask.  Qasil powder is a skin saviour for many of our customer, its unique and works. 


Where to buy qasil powder?

You can buy qasil powder from Huda Organics, using code Qasil15 for 15% disocunt.  

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