What to eat according to your skin type?

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There goes a saying- you are what you eat. Your diet plays a crucial role in how you look and feel, your diet decides your overall health and appearance. What you eat regulates many natural processes within the body, and hence, eating right is something that needs to be taken very seriously.

Especially, if you want to look your best, then eating right is the key. For those who want to make it more and more effective, then the right diet needs to be taken as per the skin type. Yes, there are certain foods that can work well or adversely affect your skin health, that's what we're going to discuss here.

The right diet as per your skin type

Find your skin type and know what to eat.

Dry skin

What to eat?

For those who have dry skin, proper hydration is important. Of course, dirking sufficient water is one of the ways, but there are certain fruits such as watermelon that can fulfill your body and skin's need for water. On the other hand, there are some fatty acids that can prove to be helpful.

Avocado, olive oil, and salmon are some of the best options to choose for dry skin. Also, The deficiency of vitamin A and C can also cause dehydration, you can increase the intake of spinach, broccoli, and potato.

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What to avoid?

No alcohol

You need to avoid certain dehydrating foods and beverages- excess caffeine and alcohol can cause dehydration.

Oily skin

What to eat?

Fighting clogged pores and preventing the overproduction of sebum doesn't need to be too challenging. There are some right foods that can help in reducing the problem. avocado, fish, flaxseed, and olive are some o the anti-inflammatory oils that you need to include in your diet.

What to avoid?

Avoid fries

Some ultra-processed foods such as fries need to be avoided, so next time when you go out with kids, be sure that you keep fries away.

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Combination skin

What to eat?

A mix of dry and oily skin types, people with combination skin don't really need to skip carbs completely, you need to integrate a meal plan that is suitable for both types of skin.

If you are shopping for groceries, make sure that your bag is filled with carbs that are high in protein and have low-glycemic- quinoa, or brown rice, for instance. 

What to avoid?

Be careful about the choice of wheat and grains that you are eating.

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Acne-prone skin

What to eat?

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is enriched with probiotics that can help acne. If you enjoy having chicken and shellfish, this is the right food for you to keep acne at bay. You can also go with some fruits and berries that are enriched with vitamin C. Fortified cereals and pumpkin seeds can also be helpful, choose plant-based sources of zinc to enjoy additional benefits.

What to avoid?

It is advisable to avoid sugary or fatty foods as well as dairy products, these foods can lead to inflammation in the skin, and this can again increase sebum production.

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Dull skin

What to eat?

Exposure to pollutants and pesticides can cause dull skin, it's often due to oxidative stress from the environment. Tomato, papaya, red pepper, guava are some of those fruits and vegetables that can help.

What to avoid?

Protect your body from oxidative stress.

Summing it up

So, now when you are aware of what kind of foods you need to eat (and what to avoid), create your diet plan accordingly, and don't forget to share this vital information with your near and dear ones.

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