Some questions regarding qasil powder answered!

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It is a mere fact that choosing and implementing the right skincare and hair care routine is a hard nut to crack. Not only do you need to figure out your skin type but also have to deal with choosing the right products that work effectively on your skin. Moreover, when you go out shopping for cosmetic and/or skincare products, you will find yourself standing in front of a huge rack of a wide variety of products, making it more and more difficult to make a decision.

Well, sometimes, the solution is easier than you think, and a perfect solution to your skincare (and hair care) routine is natural qasil powder. So, if you are among those who are unaware of this Somali's best-kept secret, we're revealing this secret here by answering all the common questions that can strike your mind! 

Some common questions regarding qasil powder answered!

Here you go!

What is qasil powder?

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Scientifically known as ziziphus jujube, this amazing powder can be a secret to many but it is well known to the nomadic communities in Somalia as well as in some of the East African countries. This green powder has an aroma close to dried hay, This name QASIL IS derived from the Arabic word GHASIL the meaning of which is to wash and/or clean. With the high content of saponin and its natural cleansing properties, qasil powder is also regarded as a natural soap.

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How is it extracted?

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Leaves from the gob tree are collected and dried, then they are crushed into fine powder. No preservatives or chemicals are added to it so that it remains completely natural and provides the best benefits this powder has to offer. You need to ensure that you buy qasil powder from a reliable source, it will give you the surety that you are buying original products and the benefits remain the same without any side effects.

 What makes qasil powder unique?

The uniqueness of qasil powder begins with the fact that it's completely natural. Moreover, it's a one-of-a-kind powder that works for both hair and skin. Also, the best thing about qasil powder is that it is suitable for skin types, from normal and dry to oily and sensitive, it works wonders for all skin types. You don't really need to have a bunch of cosmetic and other skincare products to provide your skin with the care it deserves.

How to use qasil powder?

When it comes to fighting specific skin conditions and issues, qasil powder can be used by mixing with plenty of ingredients, most of them you can easily find in your kitchen. 

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For instance, if you want to achieve younger-looking and glowing skin, then it is advisable to mix qasil powder and turmeric with water, and create a paste that you can keep applied on your face for 20 minutes. And, when you rinse it off, you are sure to get visible results on your skin.

We have got you covered with details on how can you use qasil powder more effectively.

What are the benefits of qasil powder?

  •         Deeply cleanses your skin and removes all the impurities.
  •         Balances the pH level of your skin.
  •         Makes the skin soft and supple by gently exfoliating.
  •         Evens out the skin tone.
  •         Provides your skin with required nourishment and hydration.
  •         Reduces acne and pimples on your skin.
  •         Reduces the signs of aging and makes your skin look younger.

The bottom line

Hope you have the answers to all the common questions regarding qasil powder, and now you can make use of this amazing powder more and more confidently. So, don't wait and make it a key part of your skin and hair care routine.


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