Qasil shampoo: A simple and natural recipe that works for all hair types

Qasil shampoo: A simple and natural recipe that works for all hair types

It feels really great when people turn their heads to have another look at your beautiful hair. It's such a proud feeling for every woman and more importantly, it's about self-confidence and lifestyle. But, it is a fact that making people turn their heads and achieving that desired confidence is a hard nut to crack. You need to have the right hair care routine to make it possible. Especially, if you want to achieve results that last, qasil powder should be a key ingredient in your hair care. Qasil powder is completely natural and organic, it's the secret of Somali women's beautiful hair and skin. Check out how to prepare qasil shampoo for your hair.

Preparing qasil shampoo that works for all hair types

The easiest yet highly effective recipe for preparing qasil shampoo- 3 ingredients are all you need.

  • Qasil powder (1 tablespoon)
  • Warm water (1/2 cup)
  • Apple cider vinegar (1/2 cup)

Before you get started, you need to know that you are preparing one of the finest, highly effective and deep cleansing treatments for your hair. The best part- it is suitable for all hair types.

  • Take warm water in a bowl.
  • Mix 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar.
  • Now, add qasil powder and mix it well.
  • You can increase the quantity of qasil powder as per the thickness you need.
  • And, it's done! Your all-natural qasil shampoo is ready to use.

 qasil shampoo

How qasil shampoo will benefit your hair?

It's completely natural!

First, it is completely natural with no added preservatives and other chemicals that can prove to be harmful to your beautiful hair. In addition to this, you can save a great deal of your hard-earned money when you choose natural qasil shampoo.

It detoxifies your scalp

Dead skin cells and other harmful elements on your scalp can cause damage to your hair and also restrict hair growth. Qasil shampoo detoxifies your scalp and also helps in reducing hair fall and promoting hair growth. If you are looking for the right solution to detoxify your hair, then qasil shampoo is the best choice to make.

Repairs damage

Your hair can get damaged by more than just a few reasons, dust, dirt, and pollution are just a few of them. Qasil shampoo has natural properties that help in repairing the damage to your hair. Get the damaged to your hair repaired with the help of qasil shampoo.

Hair nourishment

Qasil shampoo is loaded with antibaterial properties and it provides your hair will all the required nourishment. This improves overall condition of your hair and scalp. Essential nutrients in qasil powder take great care of your hair and also keep them hydrated.

Buy qasil powder from a reliable source

There are various online sources that are selling qasil powder, but it is advisable to shop from a reliable source so that you can get the finest quality product.

The bottom line

So, now when you have made your mind to make people turn their heads, you should prepare qasil powder and include it in your hair care routine.

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