Is my hair damaged? What can I do?

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Is my hair damaged? What can I do?

Knowing whether you have damaged hair can be difficult to identify. And, if you are unaware of this important point, or you're ignoring this for long, then you are doing nothing but making the condition even worse. So, if you are among those women who are wondering whether you are dealing with hair damage, then you have come to the right place.

How to know if you have damaged hair?

Damaged hair

Check out these 2 ways to identify damaged hair.

  • Between your two fingers, take a strand of hair, pull it gently in any direction. When hair stretch to one-third of its actual length, it is a sign of healthy and undamaged hair. On the other hand, if your hair snaps, it can be due to protein damage. Hair curling or if it stays long, then it can be due to dryness.
  • You need to repeat the same, between your two fingers take an inch wide section of hair, and pull them down gently. Now, you need to focus on the texture, does it feel like an uneven surface, or is it smooth? The uneven surface is a sign of damaged hair.

Signs of chemically damaged hair

Hair protein can suffer, especially when we talk about lightening. Many hair colors come with chemicals and this can lift the cuticles of the fiber to make the color do the work on your hair. As time passes, this can weaken the outer structure of the hair. So, if you are over bleaching your hair, you are more likely to face issues such as split ends or damaged hair.

Hair damage due to heat


So, you love straightening your hair and all those curls that you get with the help of heating tools. Well, this may actually look brilliant on you but somewhere you are damaging your hair. The reason is, if you are straightening or curling your hair, you're not allowing it to stay in its natural form, on the other hand, overheating can burn the hair.

Some other reasons for hair damage

Though the major reasons for hair damage are listed above, some others are also there.

  • If you are spending time on the beach in the sun, this can be a great time to boost your happy hormones, vitamin D does that. But, if you are spending too much vitamin D time, then it can adversely affect the health of your skin and hair.
  • This one is no surprise, changing weather, dust, dirt and other pollutants can have an impact on the quality of your hair.
  • Some types of hair styling, especially the ones that make use of heating tools, can wreak havoc on hair quality. Some tight hairstyles pull hard on the hair roots, causing damage to the hair follicles.

Natural care for damaged hair

Qasil powder

After all the damaging things, it's time to repair and rejuvenate your hair, and this can be done by providing your hair with natural care with the help of qasil powder. When you are using qasil powder, you can be assured that you are using only nature and the purest form of hair care.

Suitable for all types of hair and skin, natural qasil powder can be used in many ways, you can mix it with a wide range of ingredients, most of which can be easily found in your kitchen.

In addition to creating hair masks, you can also create qasil powder shampoo, all of the recipes being highly effective for your hair.

If you have made your mind to provide your hair with natural care, then look no further than qasil powder!

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