How to store pre-mixed qasil powder? A few more questions answered!

Natural Qasil Powder

I tried a lot!

When I looked at myself in the mirror, I knew my facial skin is oily type, and I could literally feel that little oily shine on my face, and when I used to touch my cheeks, there's a little greasy feeling on my fingertips. 

And, due to the oily nature of my skin, my skin attracted a lot of dirt and dust that was easily visible when I wiped my face with a white cloth. Needless to mention, the frustration kept on building and I was desperate to find a way out. 

It was time to explore the market and I got some soaps, facial creams, face packs, and some other stuff that said- for oily skin. But, after trying for months I could see very little or no effect on my skin, nothing really changed the way I wanted.

A permanent solution was needed! 

A simple suggestion changed everything for good! 

Natural Qasil Powder

My friend, Natallie, came home and the plan was simply to chill, watch some movies. She was me applying cream on my face and asked- why are you applying this on your face? 

My skin is oily and I'm trying to get rid of it, want to make my skin look great, I replied. 

Why don't you use natural qasil powder? She asked. 

In reality, I really didn't know anything about qasil powder and she started explaining. She told me it's Somali women's beauty secret and has some of the finest natural ingredients that work for all skin types. 

She showed me how to use qasil powder more effectively. 

The best part, qasil powder is not only a great product for skin but it works amazingly for hair as well. 

She also showed me some YouTube videos with the help of which I came to know how to use qasil as a face cleanser, I was literally impressed and was wondering why I didn't know about it before. 

I create and store my qasil powder face mask 

I bought qasil powder and it was time to create a face mask the way I learned from all the online resources. First, I just tried qasil powder face mask with some yogurt and turmeric, created a consistent paste, and applied on my face. 

I kept it applied for around 15 to 20 minutes, and it was time to rinse. 

My skin looked brilliant from the very first use, the glow on my face was easily visible and that brought a big smile to my face. The results that I obtained using qasil powder have truly been amazing. 

The question struck, how do I store pre-mixed qasil powder?  

Natallie was obviously the right person to ask, so I gave her a call. 

She suggested, storing qasil powder is easy, all I need to do is keep the mixture in the fridge in a sealed container. 

She added- I can keep this mixture stored for around 5 days, and to store it for longer than that I will need to add some preservatives to prevent bacteria. 

Also, she suggested creating a fresh mixture each time I use it and that will be more effective. Even I don't have any problem creating it fresh as it can be prepared in just a few minutes. 

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Now,  I'm falling in love with my skin every day!

So, I am truly thankful to Natallie for this great suggestion and qasil powder is now a key part of my skincare routine. My skin looks and feels great and surely given a boost to my confidence. My skin is now soft like cotton, all those acne, pimples, and wrinkles have gone, it resolved all the skin problems. It's such a great feeling!

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