How to naturally take care of your underarm hygiene with Qasil powder

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How to naturally take care of your underarm hygiene with Qasil powder
Oh the underarm, we can all agree that the main thing that we all have in common with our underarm is that we don’t want it to:
  • Smell
  • Be bumpy or darker than our complexion

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get into the nitty gritty of the TLC that our underarm deserve!
It is no rocket science that our underarm have limited access to sunlight and fresh air which makes it easy for it to moist and warm, often the perfect combination for unpleasant bodily odours. By incorporating a gentle underarm care routine, it can support the overall health and state of your underarm.
Here are three easy steps to what you can do to improve the well being of your underarm with the help of Qasil powder. 
1.Cleanse and exfoliate daily with Qasil 
Luckily for you, Qasil is a 2 in 1 cleanser and exfoliant. Qasil is pH balanced, moisturising and 100% organic. Qasil contains a cleansing agent called saponin, so when it’s in contact with water, it forms a natural soapy lather. 
As you massage your skin, it will gently but deeply cleanse your skin and remove any dirt and oil and unclog your pores. It will also exfoliate dead skin cells which leaves the skin soft and smooth.
2.Switch to a natural deodorant 
Natural deodorants dont contain any potentially harmful ingredients like other conventional deodorants. The transitional period when switching to a natural deodorant can appear to be ineffective, however this occurs due to the less aggressive product that your underarm isn’t used to. Qasil helps to pull toxins from beneath the surface of the skin which as a result increases the effectiveness of natural deodorants. 
3.Wear breathable fabrics 
Everyone prefers dryer armpits, wearing breathable fabrics can help prevent damp and wet underarms. Fabrics like cotton helps moisture to evaporate at a quicker pace, unlike synthetic fabrics like Lycra that cause and trap wetness!

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