How to exfoliate scalp with qasil powder?

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Scalp Exfoliator

Things to know about scalp exfoliation

In general, our bodies do the process of replacing dead skin cells, and sometimes, doing this ourselves can prove to be helpful. And, our scalp also needs exfoliation. With the process of scalp exfoliation, we remove the dead skin cells, dandruff, and oil from our scalp and hair so that our scalp and hair become healthier.

What are the benefits of scalp exfoliation?

In addition to improving scalp and hair health, scalp exfoliation is one of the finest ways to find relief from stress, and hence, anyone who wishes to experience some calm and relaxing effects can do it.

Removes dandruff

One of the most common hair problems, dandruff can make your hair their playground without any prior notice. Exfoliating your scalp is one of the finest ways to remove dandruff from your scalp and hair.

Removes dry skin

The sink of your scalp also becomes dry, and this can lead to various other hair problems including but not limited to damaged hair and hair fall. Detox your hair and proper nourishment can be beneficial for scalp skin.

Oily hair

Hair can lose strength and shine due to excess oil, exfoliate hair and keep your hair oil-free.

Exfoliate scalp with qasil powder

A completely natural and effective way to exfoliate your scalp is to make use of qasil powder.

The secret of Somali womens' shiny skin and beautiful hair, qasil power is used in many regions due to its wide range of natural properties.

Making use of qasil powder as a shampoo and/or conditioner can provide your scalp and hair with deep nourishment and hydration.

Have a look at two easy DIY recipes that can get the job done!

  • Take two tablespoons of qasil powder.
  • One cup of warm water.

Feel free to add water according to how thick you want the mixture to be. Warm water is used in this mixture due to some obvious reasons as it gives the powder a proper mix. This easy recipe can work wonders and help in removing dirt and excess oil from your scalp.

For the second recipe, you need-

  • One tablespoon of qasil powder.
  • Half cup of warm water.
  • Half cup apple cider vinegar.

This recipe offers extra deep cleaning and nourishment, all you need is to add apple cider vinegar to the mixture. Not only it will balance out the acidity on your scalp but also provide your hair with better shine and overall health.

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The results you will obtain-

Now you must be wondering how will these two recipes help your scalp and hair. Well, check out these amazing benefits of qasil powder.

The all-natural properties of qasil powder detoxify your scalp by removing excess oil and dandruff. It helps in doing all the repair work for your hair and improves shine and moisture on your hair.

The bottom line

Qasil powder for the exfoliating the scalp is a powerful, cost-effective, and highly effective solution. It has no artificial colors or ingredients and hence, you can be assured that you are providing your hair with completely natural care.

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