5 skincare tips for oily skin that actually work!

5 skincare tips for oily skin that actually work!

One of the most common skin types as well as a common skin concern, oily skin has its own unique challenges. Especially, for those who are living in tropical places where Sun and humidity are rather unrelenting, a skincare routine for oily skin can be tricky. Of course, you may find a variety of suggestions and products that will claim to help you in taking care of oily skin, but what works and what doesn't can still be a doubt in mind. 

So, let's take the guesswork out and provide you with some fool-proof tips that will surely work. 

Some important tips to take care of oily skin

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Wash your face twice a day 

Let's start with the basics and something that can be done with ease. This routine is something that most women with oily skin might not be following, simply washing your face twice a day can help a lot. You can choose a reliable brand that offers high-quality and completely natural face wash for oily skin, washing your face with such a face wash can keep your skin healthy. 

Take care of your diet 

Qasil powder

Your diet plays a pivotal role in maintaining your skin's health. Some foods you need to avoid include sweetened sugar beverages and fried and processed foods.

On the other hand, including lean protein, and a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can be highly beneficial for women with oily skin. 

Exfoliate your skin

When you have oily skin, the top layer of your skin can get covered by dead skin cells, and exfoliation can benefit you tremendously. With the help of exfoliation, you can also get rid of blackheads and whiteheads, while experiencing clean and smooth skin. However, over-exfoliation should be avoided, and once or twice a week should get the job done. 

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Regular workout

Not only for your skin but also helpful for your overall health and fitness, regular workout can provide endless benefits. When you align regular workout with 5-6 glasses of water on a daily basis, it will help in flusing toxins from your body. 

With the right exercise and diet, you can get healthy and glowing skin and this happens because of blood flow that gets increased when you workout.  

Qasil powder can help! 

Qasil powder

For oily skin (and for all skin types), qasil powder is no less than a blessing. Qasil powder comes from leaves of the gob tree, having ziziphus jujube as its scientific name. 

Qasil powder is one of the most important ingredients of Somali women's skincare routine due to it's obvious benefits. Qasil powder has natural antioxidant properties and you can team it up with various ingredients such as turmeric and yogurt to create a face mask and use it in your skincare routine. 

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The bottom line

Creating and implementing the right skincare routine for oily skin should not be a headache, simply use these techniques and you will surely achieve desired results.

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